He later thanked his wife and family for their support during the long recovery period

Like lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser initially "Gala" told and also confirmed the news agency spot on news, the divorce took place on July 8, 2019.

However, when asked, Moser stated that the divorce proceedings in England were very complex and multi-stage.

Proceedings not yet finalized

"In the first stage of our client’s case, the court confirmed by decision last year that all the requirements for divorce were met", said Moser to spot on news. So be his client "practically divorced". However, the procedure is only finally completed when all financial issues have been settled: "But that’s only a matter of form."

The lawyer also asks for understanding "that the other family law details do not belong in public". Boris and Lilly Becker announced their separation in May 2018 after around nine years of marriage.

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Editor’s note: The original version of this article may have given the impression that Sharlely and Boris Becker had already been definitively divorced. We have now specified that.

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Tracy Morgan and his wife Megan Wollover are getting a divorce. It was only five years ago that the two tied the knot, they have a seven-year-old daughter.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were only just getting attention with their gigantic war of roses. Not only is Netflix star Vanessa Morgan about to have her first baby, her husband has also filed for divorce. Also for RTL presenter Tanja Bülter and her husband is over after 13 years. Now Tracy Morgan joins this line. He and his wife Megan Wollover want a divorce. 

"Sadly, we’re filing for divorce" 

The American comedian and actor and his wife Megan Wollover are facing the end of their marriage. "Sadly, after nearly five years of marriage, Megan and I are filing for divorce", Morgan informed that through his spokesman "Hollywood Reporter" and other US media with.

The couple have a seven year old daughter. The 51-year-old also brought three grown sons into the relationship. They come from his first marriage to Sabina Morgan.

Last picture together in February 

Morgan posted the last family photo together on Instagram in February. It was taken on Valentine’s Day. Morgan called his daughter a princess and his wife a queen. 


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Morgan married Wollover in 2015. Just a year after the actor had a bad experience. The American was involved in a serious car accident in 2014. A truck rammed the actor’s minibus. A person was killed in the process.

Morgan had leg surgery and treatment in hospitals and rehabilitation centers for weeks. He later thanked his wife and family for their support during the long recovery period.

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Tracy Morgan starred in Hollywood films such as "30 skirt", "What men want", "To die has to be learned" or "First Monday" With. 

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Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Divorced people may receive a reduced pension.https://123helpme.me/argumentative-essay/ In the event of a divorce, the statutory and private rights to retirement benefits from the years of marriage are usually divided equally between the two partners.

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Nevertheless, divorced people can receive a full pension under certain conditions. The German Pension Insurance Federation points this out. This is possible, for example, if the former spouse, for whose benefit the pension adjustment was carried out, dies.

Affected ex-partners can apply for this so-called adjustment due to death from their pension fund. From the month after the application was submitted, the employee will then pay the full pension. However, the deceased may only have drawn his pension for less than three years. Any benefits to the surviving dependents of the deceased are not taken into account.

In certain constellations, however, the family court can also change the pension equalization if the deceased has received pension payments for more than three years. The Federal Court of Justice has permitted this in cases in which the marriages were divorced before September 2009 and various other conditions were met.

The Deutsche Rentenversicherung advises divorced people to pay attention to what claims they have acquired outside of the pension insurance because of the pension adjustment. Because these could be omitted with the adjustment. Those affected should only submit an application if this increases their income overall.

Divorce often brings more problems than just emotional problems for married couples. It also has a negative financial impact – often with the wife. That should now be changed at the Federal Constitutional Court.


What happens to the pension plan in the event of a divorce? How exactly does the pension equalization work? What does external division mean? Why can the external division become problematic? Why is the Constitutional Court reviewing this practice? What are the losses and how many are affected? How is it now continue?

When love ends, it’s often about money too: who gets how much in the event of a divorce? And how well are you protected for the future? The distribution of the pension scheme plays an important role.

The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe will deal with it on Tuesday. The question is whether women are systematically disadvantaged when calculating their entitlements in certain cases.

What happens to the pension plan in the event of a divorce?

All entitlements – for example pension entitlements – from the time of the marriage are regarded as a joint lifetime achievement and are basically split in equal parts. The respective rights that a spouse has acquired are offset against the rights of the other partner. This is called pension adjustment. Exceptions are only made in certain cases, for example if the marriage has not lasted three years or the partners have agreed otherwise.

This pension equalization is intended to eliminate injustices. Because with many couples, the man as the main breadwinner would otherwise receive a much more pension than his wife, who may have looked after the children at home for years.

How exactly does the pension equalization work?

How the pension entitlements are divided is determined by the family court in the divorce decree. As a result, the partner with the originally higher entitlements receives less pension and the other more. Most of the time nothing changes at the pension provider – i.e. the provider of the pension, for example the insurer.

If, for example, both are with the German Pension Insurance, they simply recalculate who gets how much in old age. This is called internal division. The problems that are at stake in Karlsruhe arise with the so-called external division of company pensions (see below).

What does external division mean?

The ex-wife does not automatically get her money from the same pension provider with which the ex-husband has his pension. The claims may be outsourced and transferred to another relief fund – even against the wishes of the ex-wife. The legislature wanted to relieve the providers of company pension schemes.

Why can external division be problematic?

That has to do with the fact that interest rates are low. The pension provider who surrenders the entitlements determines the capital value using a special interest rate that is relevant for commercial balance sheets and is announced monthly by the Bundesbank. In the case of company pensions, the – comparatively high – average interest rate of the past seven financial years is decisive.

The carrier who takes over the entitlements, on the other hand, is guided by the currently low market interest rate. This has a negative effect on the pension amount. So money is lost through the transfer.

Why is the Constitutional Court reviewing this practice?

The Higher Regional Court (OLG) Hamm considers the regulation to be unconstitutional. There is no justification for the unequal treatment. The judges have therefore suspended divorce proceedings in order to have Paragraph 17 of the Pension Equalization Act in Karlsruhe examined. "The resulting transfer losses are too high and they occur in too many cases"they mean.

How high are the losses and how many does it affect?

Different pension amounts can also be related to the age gap between the ex-partners. If this is not taken into account, according to calculations quoted by the OLG Hamm, those affected have to accept discounts of far more than 50 percent. In one case, for example, only 284.93 euros remained of 696.70 euros a month.

The judges assume that between 2009 and 2017 at least 90 percent of all divorces with an external division had negative consequences due to different pension increases.

Clause 17 is therefore applied to approximately every 20th divorce. With an average of 170,000 divorces a year, this corresponds to a middle five-digit number.

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What’s next now?

During the hearing, the judges of the First Senate under Vice-Court President Stephan Harbarth question the institutions, lawyers and experts concerned about the problem. Then they advise in secret. The verdict should be announced in a few months.

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For many marriages, lockdown and home office could have been the final big test of relationships. The corona crisis can have a completely different effect on couples.

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More time for the family, for the partner, out of the working hamster wheel – many would have wished that. At least before the Corona standstill. But let’s be honest: while the corona restrictions are in place, spending the whole day with your partner, surrounded by whining children who need help with homeschooling (home schooling), doing your own work at home in the home office – that was more than some would have wished for. Or could handle.

Was the pandemic the ultimate stress test for partnerships? Are we facing a wave of divorce now? Only in a year, namely after the year of separation, should it be clear whether this is true. According to a survey, the number could increase noticeably.

Divorce requests increased

The Berlin family lawyer has registered Alicia von Rosenberg since mid-March "a lot of inquiries" to divorces. And while in the past the prerequisites were met and the mandatory year of separation was completed, this time everything is different: "The people had only just separated and had not found out what requirements had to be met."

Maren Otto, couple therapist in Hanover, spoke of "greater rush", the inquiries had risen by around a quarter – of all times, when therapists were not allowed to work because of the pandemic and could only advise by phone. Usually enter it "Summer slump", a time when people prefer to go on vacation and don’t feel like coaching for couples: "This time it was completely different."

Some like that, others like that

Rainer Bugdahn from the main office for life counseling of the Evangelical Church in Hanover sees two clear tendencies: In the corona lockdown, families would have had more time to talk to each other – therefore there is no acute need for advice.

With others, however, the couple conflicts intensified. The reason: They had to spend more time together, while communication skills and willingness were low. "I cannot state which tendency is the stronger, as we do not yet have any reliable figures", he said. But the so-called lockdown has evidently led to more conversations in families overall – many couples therefore have less need for advice.

But some also felt an increased need: A couple had told her that the lockdown was the first time in years that she had an opportunity to take care of everything – including legal issues such as a divorce, said von Rosenberg. "For some, that’s the hurdle to tackle a divorce: now you suddenly have time." With others she noticed that it was "popped" had to have – the prescribed retreat into one’s own four walls brought the decision: I have to part.

Possibly not an isolated case

According to a survey by the opinion research institute Civey, the number of divorces in Germany is expected to increase five-fold due to the corona restrictions. Accordingly, 2.2 percent of the around 2,500 respondents said they decided between the end of March and the end of May to get a divorce. In a two-month period in 2018, it was only 0.42 percent of all married people.

However, this is not yet reflected in the courts. Because if there were separations during the Corona period, the divorces would not be able to be filed until next spring because the year of separation would have to be awaited, said a spokesman for the Hanover district court.

However, press reports about the situation in China give an outlook on what could come: There, the first path to freedom after quarantine is said to have led many couples to the divorce lawyer.