I would have liked to retire in another way, but one does not choose the end «»

BAXI Manresa

(12 + 21 + 23 + 24): Guillem Jou (4), Seth Hinrichs (7), Juan Pablo Vaulet (4), Scott Earherton (19), Dani Pérez (9) ¿starting five – Marc Peñarroya (-), Eulis Baez (9), Rafa Martínez (3), Jonathan Tabú (6), Martynas Sajus (11), Deividas Dulkys (6), Yankuba Sima (2).


Fernando Calatrava, Raúl Zamorano, Alfonso Olivares. Sent off for five fouls Miquel Salvó, from Hereda San Pablo Burgos.


Match corresponding to the 15th day of the Endesa League held behind closed doors at the Coliseum Burgos.

It was a very choral match for the Burgos team, while Eatherton stood out for Manresa with twenty-four valuation credits, in a victory that brings Peñarroya’s men closer to the Copa del Rey. An 11-0 run marked the first quarter in favor of the Burgos, who in just a few minutes managed the match (23-8) against a Manresa team that could not keep up with the pace imposed by the Burgos.

Pedro Martínez’s men tried to turn the game around with a 0-6 run, but the outside success of Hereda San Pablo Burgos did not allow the advantage they had to be lost (32-20). The success was decreasing and that was where Manresa appeared with Scott Eartherton who dominated the paint against a Jasiel Rivero who did not have his best day (32-25), equalizing the forces a bit and with the help of Burgos fouls. However, the Burgos were in a state of grace and reached the break with a dominant 49-33.

Pedro Martínez’s men came out of the changing rooms much better, putting Peñarroya’s men (52-43) in serious trouble, but two controversial plays broke the rhythm that Manresa had imposed, a situation that benefited the Burgos team that reached the end of the third fourth with the highest game (72-56).

Tomic: "It will be a very special match"

Ribas and Tomic seal the victory of Joventut in Santiago

With the game almost sentenced, Burgos tolerated Manresa more, especially in the offensive rebound with second chances that allowed Pedro Martínez’s men to stay alive in some moments of the game (85-73). The seconds went by and with a lower rhythm, San Pablo closed a match that dominated the match at all times (91-80). 

FC Barcelona will face Athletic in San Mamés this Wednesday (9:00 pm) in a postponed match on the second day of LaLiga. The goal of the Blaugrana team is none other than to achieve victory to close the gap with Atlético and Madrid, who currently have a 10 and 8-point advantage, respectively.


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Ronald Koeman

Barça, which began the year 2021 with a difficult victory against Eibar at the Camp Nou (1-0, with a single goal from De Jong), needs to maintain a winning dynamic that allows it to maintain the slim chances it has of winning the league title. Although, at the moment, the first objective is to be in the Champions zone (Real, third, is two points away, and Villarreal, fourth to one) for the first time so far this season.

To get the victory, Koeman bets on what can already be considered his starting team, but with some small modification compared to the last game: Griezmann is a starter replacing Braithwaite.

In Athletic, for its part, the big news will be the coach. Marcelino will make his debut on the bench to replace Garitano, who was dismissed last Sunday.

FC Barcelona lineup:

FC BARCELONA: Ter Stegen; Dest, Araujo, Lenglet, Jordi Alba; Busquets, De Jong; Dembélé, Griezmann, Pedri; Messi.

Time, an implacable judge, has proved the recently deceased Agustí Montal right. The president of FC Barcelona between 1969 and 1977, in addition to signing Johan Cruyff, organizing the 75th anniversary and democratizing and catalanizing the club, among many other challenges, opted for women’s football after taking the reins of the entity. And now, just over 45 years later, the section is very close to writing a historic page if it advances to the semi-finals of the UEFA Women’s Champions League after winning the first leg of the quarterfinals last Wednesday at Rosengärd in Sweden (0 -one).


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David salinas @flytoapia

The starting point must be set on December 25, 1970, when the Camp Nou hosted the first duel in a morning dedicated to a National Radio charity campaign. At 11.25 am, the women’s soccer match between the Barcelona City Team (embryo of Barça) and Centelles was announced as a preview of the friendly between FC Barcelona and CSKA Sofia.


One of the players who took part in that historic event, Carme Nieto, recalls that “the team was formed through a note [Women’s football in sight] that appeared in the Barcelonista Magazine [November 17, 1970]. In it, Inmaculada Cabecerán, friend of María Dinarés [Piera’s widow] and later wife of Pau García Castany, appealed to the girls who wanted to play football in Barcelona ”. A way of taking the first step that bears certain parallels with the one executed by Hans Gamper inserting his famous newsletter in «Los Deportes» on October 22, 1899. 

Montal had given the green light to the women’s initiative despite the reluctance of three managers. He quickly made a training ground and a coach available to the girls. Nothing more and nothing less than Antoni Ramallets, the legendary FC Barcelona goalkeeper. A luxury and a statement of intent.

Carme remembers that the Maracana Cat took it very seriously. «Shortly before the game on Christmas Day we were surprised: Girls, today we will train at the Camp Nou to make contact with the pitch, he said.»

However, not all were joys on that morning … The meeting was commented on the stadium’s speakers, Pedro Ruiz, presenter and actor, "with tails of the type uuuuy, almost touched it !, what a bang! Or has her bra broken? ”recalls Carme.

The match, played in a small field and chaired by Montal from the box, was won by the City of Barcelona Team in the penalty shoot-out (4-3). The team played with a white shirt, blue shorts and Barça socks. From there, a tournament in Fuengirola, the Pernod Cup and several friendlies until February 1981, when the Spanish Federation gave the OK to women’s football. Years of struggle and work until reaching the recognition and full support of today. 

Neither Carme nor the pioneers of 1970 can mislead Montal from his memories: “He always treated us with affection, he helped us in everything we asked for. And he encouraged us not to lose heart. In particular, I will be eternally grateful. I will never forget».

Luis Suárez took the floor after Uruguay’s victory over Chile (2-1) in the first match of the Qualification Phase for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The Uruguayan, who opened the scoring with a penalty, attended the television from the Uruguayan Football Association to refer to his departure from Barcelona and regret again "the forms" employed by the Catalan club when communicating that it was not counted on in the new project.


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Luis Suarez

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Luis Suarez: I cried because of everything I was going through

“We are great, I had been in Barcelona for 6 years and there were other ways of talking to me, telling me that the club was planning to change its scene … but the ways were not good and that also bothered Leo. He knows what we have suffered and how bad we had at that time, «said the Atlético de Madrid forward.

“I was not surprised that Messi supported me publicly because I know him too well. I already knew the pain he felt, how he said it and how I said it. The forms, the feeling that they are throwing you that is what hurts the most, «he added about the Argentine star’s comment on Instagram.

Suárez admitted that the week in which he changed from Barça to Atlético de Madrid was very intense on an emotional level. "Those days, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, until the time of the debut, were very complicated", he acknowledged. "I cried for what I was having to live. I did not take very well the messages from the club that they were looking for a solution to change of scene. For the forms, more than anything, because one has to accept when it completes a cycle"he added.

In the last breath: Uruguay defeats Chile and Suárez is a figure

Suárez explains how his "new life" at Atlético

In addition, he made his sadness public when he felt removed from the squad. «There are things that were not known, but go to train and send you aside because you are not part of the 11 against 11 game …», he explained to illustrate the difficult moments that happened.

Javier Mascherano granted an interview to Líbero on Monday, where he talked about his retirement in November until his future plans. The former Football Club Barcelona player also remembered the deceased Maradona and Sabella.


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The 36-year-old Argentine defender announced his retirement as an active soccer player. He did so in an appearance before the press in which the former FC Barcelona player thanked Estudiantes de la Plata for the possibility of finishing his career in his native country. Now he assures that “I decided to retire after the match against Argentinos. I no longer lived the profession as before, I had strange sensations when competing. I would have liked to retire in another way, but one does not choose the end". Of his intentions for the future he assures that «I would like to try to be a coach.»

Cristiano Ronaldo, pissed off by what his children eat and drink

Juventus offers Dybala 10 ‘kilos’ per season

Of his friend and partner Leo Messi says that "Leo has always expressed his desire to play in Argentine soccer. It will be necessary to see if the conditions are given". While Maradona prefers to stay “with having met Diego, not Maradona".