Include Tables And Boxes To Emphasize Key Points And Takeaways

You’re also more likely to gain qualified leads if readers have a chance to sample your white paper before converting. We’ll go in-depth into design in the next section, but it’s worth mentioning here.

That means that when writing white papers you don’t want to go on and on about how great your product is. Rather, you want to explain how your product or service can solve your customer’s problem. Your white paper should be 3-5 double-spaced pages with 12-point font and 1-inch definition of argumentative margins. The works cited page does not count toward the length requirement. You should organize your white paper carefully and use clear, specific headings so that busy readers can scan the document effectively. The white paper is worth 100 points towards your final grade.

This is where you can dig deep into the customer’s problem. Talk about the problem in the context of market trends. What’s going on in your customer’s particular industry? At this point it’s almost necessary to include statistics to support your point.

The difference between the two is that white papers tend to be more technical and in depth. The facts and opinions expressed in white papers are often backed by original research or statistics that the publisher has aggregated from reliable sources. They often include charts, graphs, tables, and other ways of visualizing data. Use your content – Now that your content is written, use the white paper as a call-to-action for other marketing activities.

  • Save the sales pitches for other content, like product brochures.
  • Don’t let this happen; it will immediately turn your readers off.
  • In a white paper, your audience is seeking unbiased, educational information that will help them, not try to persuade them.
  • To figure out what topic your audience will be excited to read about, you must identify what your readers really want to know.
  • When white papers are used as part of a marketing campaign where businesses showcase their product, a common mistake is to make them sound like a sales pitch.
  • They usually start with a big-picture view of an issue’s context and then lead readers to a specific proposal for a solution.
  • Typically, white papers are used to propose a solution to a problem.

White papers are in-depth, technical pieces of content that are backed up by extensive and original research obtained through reliable sources. This type of content will typically include various tables, charts and graphs to visually portray data discussed in the white paper. Due to the depth and tone of white papers, they are often seen as authoritative and used to promote thought leadership within an industry. If you’re unsure of whether your white paper will inspire your readers, you could give a few readers a preliminary copy of the white paper in exchange for their feedback. Wherever you advertise your white paper, be sure to outline its value so you can have a white paper people will want to download and read. Provide details on what makes your white paper different and worth downloading. Include information on what the white paper covers and what problems the white paper can help solve.

Arguing Your Solution

Cover the points in the white paper and the benefit of each point. This is the hook to get the reader to continue reading the entire document. Before you go farther, double-check that a white paper is the right vehicle. A white paper is formal and research-based with a single how to write a white paper outline focus. It’s shorter than a white paper, but you may want to include a white paper in your white paper as an example. When you verify that a white paper is the appropriate vehicle, you’re ready to proceed. A white paper educates customers about an issue or methodology.

To write a successful white paper, you must know your audience, state your problem clearly, and make a convincing and engaging argument of how to solve it. ebooks, which may address a broader scope of topics, white papers have a singular focus. They’re designed to solve a specific problem for readers and build brand trust in the process. Your main design goal should be to create a white paper that’s engaging to readers and easy to navigate. When you are working with this much text, it’s important to make it easy to skim through.

To help you write, format, design, and promote your white papers, we’ve writtentutorials, created templates, and made videos. 2) It compiles verbatim responses to a survey administered to 300 small business owners in European countries. It is rare to see white papers where two vendors catering to similar target audiences join hands to create marketing collateral that serves them both. Drilling down to exactly what level your readers are on and what you want them to do with your white paper will help your team create the paper and help you measure the success of it. You should note that the purpose of your white paper is to advocate for a certain position or provide a specific solution. You need to ensure that you employ professionalism regarding the writing style you will adopt which should mainly follow the business style.

This means that there will be ample opportunities to include CTAs throughout your white paper. In this guide, you’ll learn how to create and format white papers that engage readers, impress clients, and generate sales leads. No expensive agencies, complicated software, or design experience needed. To get eyes on your white paper, you need to be smart not only about writing and design but distribution as well. Some content marketing thought leaders go so far as to claim that you should spend 20% of your time on content creation and 80% on promotion. Offering more content for free also builds trust and brand loyalty among your readers. Let them know your white papers are valuable and helpful, and they’ll be more interested in giving you their personal information.

One of the biggest factors that will attract your readers towards your white paper is the topic or the title. It will be easier to convert prospects through a white paper if the content addresses readers’ needs at a particular point in the buying cycle. Further, regularly publishing white papers that focus on a particular area can help you achieve ownership of related how to write a white paper outline search terms on search engines. It’s better to do a detailed survey when you are creating a whole content marketing strategy, and your white paper is a part of it. A poll will be better suited when you are just writing a white paper. A white paper is a one-to five-page document that describes a given problem and proposes a specific solution to the problem.

Identify What Readers Want To Know

Because a white paper is in-depth, readers expect expertise backed by fully documented research. The abstract is a brief summary of your white paper’s topic helping your readers understand if they found the right document that answers their needs and solves their main pain points. A white paper is a 3-10 page report used before a sale and which aims to educate, inform, and persuade readers, often for commercial reasons. They include heavily researched data, statistics, charts, illustrations, and references. For example, a white paper can discuss failed payments for an entire industry, or it could zoom in on the role that SMS messages play in preventing churn for freelancers. Depending on your audience, you may have a bigger impact if you narrow your approach. Think about what your target audience wants to read and deliver that topic.

For commercial purposes, white papers usually play a major role in the decision making of both the current and prospective buyers. Give your white papers consistency by identifying standard protocol for subsections and how information is organized. This helps readers essay writing tips understand more information at a glance, and helps white paper authors more quickly put together their information. You should include an introduction in your white paper that attracts readers as well as discusses the main points that your document will include.

The Best White Paper Examples For The Retail Industry

What is the White Paper on education?

1.1. 6 The White Paper outlines how the education and training system must transform itself to contribute to establishing a caring and humane society, how it must change to accommodate the full range of learning needs and the mechanisms that should be put in place.

It’s commonly used in government and corporate settings. A typical white paper might list ways to meet a client’s marketing needs, suggest the use of a certain product for a technical process, or identify ways to tackle municipal problems.

Mistakes A White Paper Should Avoid

how to write a white paper outline

You also want to point to the solution that’s to come and the benefits of that solution. Remember, even though your reader has made it this far, you still need to provide a reason to keep reading. One way to do that is to appeal to the reader’s emotions. People buy on emotion, so you can bring emotion into this as long as you maintain the white paper’s overall professional tone.

The Best White Paper Examples For B2b Marketers

You can create a functional table of contents by adding hyperlinks to individual chapters and sections. This will help your readers navigate the white paper’s contents. In a white paper, there are plenty of opportunities to position your product or service as a solution to your target audience’s pain points.

How To Format Your White Paper

The written content of a white paper is what matters most, but neglecting design is a big mistake. Designmakes your salient points stand out and helps the reader understand what they’re reading. Using visuals that support your arguments is crucial. Check out some white paper examples built with Foleon to see examples from clients of ours who example essay outline have an eye for design. These won’t always correspond perfectly in a factual piece of writing like a white paper, but they can get you thinking about how to create and hold interest. Use those ideas to keep readers’ attention until the very end. In the world of marketing, a white paper is a long-form piece of content, similar to an eBook.

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Your introduction should mention the problem your white paper addresses, the key points your document will cover and the benefits a reader will experience from reading your document. A large number of ideas, sources, content and data go into writing a white paper. Without proper organization, this information can become overwhelming, and the chance of leaving out valuable information is increased. Using a tool such as a mind map can help you better organize your data and ensure it is included in your white paper in the most efficient and valuable way. White papers require extensive research before they can be published and taken seriously within an industry. You can use information found from authoritative sources, such as industry resources, government sites, internal documents and online references. While there is no set number of citations required, readers typically find white papers with more cited references to be more reliable and authoritative.

What was the White Paper supposed to do?

It is a Canadian policy paper proposal made in 1969 by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his Minister of Indian Affairs, Jean Chrétien. The White Paper’s lead purpose was to abolish all legal documents that had previously existed, including (but not limited to) the Indian Act, and all existing treaties within Canada.

You should also be descriptive so that you make your point clear. The main aim of a white paper is to convince people that the solution provided is the best for the given problem or that people should follow a certain position.

For example, you can link a white paper that explains how to use a specific product feature on that product’s web page. This shows customers you can provide more expertise in specific technical areas such as a product feature, industry trend, or technical process. As with any business writing, the audience is your first consideration. The white paper must be written with a target reader in mind. The audience may be long-time customers familiar with the industry or new prospective buyers who are entirely new to the field.